Easter Reading


Happy Easter Bank Holiday! 

My favourite thing to do when the sun is out is layer on the factor 50 and sit in the park with a good book. If you like to do the same, I have a couple of great recommendations for you, perfect for the Easter weekend! Though it's actually meant to rain on Sunday. But that's OK. Sit on your sofa with a book and see how many chocolate eggs you can eat before you're sick…

If I Could Turn Back Time by Nicola Doherty 

Zoe knows it was her fault her boyfriend David dumped her. She was neurotic and needy and paranoid about his relationship with his female best friend. If she could turn back time she’d do it all so differently… So Zoe does exactly that – turns back time. But is getting what you think you want, actually what you really want?
This is a fun quick read that will have you laughing out loud.

The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E. Smith 

Owen lived in basement of a New York apartment block. Lucy loves on the 24th floor. Normally their paths would never cross but a broken down lift in the middle of a heatwave throws them together and their brief time together leaves a mark.
As the pair move away from New York, they keep in touch via postcards. But as their lives take them in very different directions, can first love ever really work out?
A sweet story with characters that you can’t help but love and wish a happy ending for.