My first step into blogging...


I've never been good with blank pages. I always want to write something amazing and sparkly but always feel incredibly daunted by the total whiteness in front of me. 

Even when I was at school I used to get in such trouble because I would skip out the first page and instead use my new pens to write on the second page. I just didn't want to ruin the first page of it's brightness and newness. Even now the first pages of my Paperchase notebooks are left untouched.

Does this happen to you? Or am I just weird….?!

Please accept this first post into my world of blogging. It WILL get better I promise. After I get by that first white page… 

Loves xx


  1. I'm exactly the same with notebooks, I always leave the first page blank too. Good luck with the start of your blog x

  2. Thanks so much Kim - glad you're the same! x

  3. Welcome to my world Miss Amy, you're going to fit in just perfectly. :). Loves your blog x

  4. This is such a funny post! I haven't got the same blank page obsession as you, but I'd never hesitate to rip a page out of my book if it didn't look 'neat' enough. I used to get in trouble in school for having 'end of the page fear' by my teachers, because I'd only write within the margins hehe! X

    1. I also used to rip pages out if my writing was scruffy!!

      Thanks for reading.... heading over to your blog now :-) x