Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O'Porter


I was really excited when I heard that Dawn O'Porter was writing a book. Even more so when I realised it would be based on two teen girls at school in the 90's. I knew I'd end up identifying with them and I was right. I loved Paper Aeroplanes straightaway. 

The story is based on Renee and Flo, 15-year-old best friends who don't have it easy with difficult home lives and a struggle to fit in at school. Luckily they find each other and through their narrative you go on a journey as they cope with dysfunctional families, exams, boys and bullies. 

I think what is so brilliant about this book is the fact you will easily identify with the awkwardness and  cringe moments throughout. Boys, period mishaps, losing your virginity… It is hard not to feel nostalgic as you read Flo and Renee's adventures and traumas. I was taken right back to my own school days - and it certainly wasn't always great!  

Dawn O'Porter sums up being a teen perfectly in Paper Aeroplanes. A great read.