Cointreau Fizz Garden Party - rooftop lovin'


What could be better on a sunny Tuesday night, than getting together with your friends and drinking FREE cocktails on a pretty rooftop garden underneath the Shard? Er, not a lot…

On Tuesday my friends Rachael, Harriet, Laura, Kate, Nicola, Ashley and I, all headed to The Skyroom in London Bridge for the Cointreau Fizz Garden Party.

The sun was shining on the secluded rooftop which had been transformed into a lush flower garden and the Cointreau cocktails were flowing. Opinons were mixed as to which was the fave cocktail - the original Cointreau fizz which was made with Cointreau, lime juice and soda water and the Cointreau Fizz with strawberry and mint which included Cointreau, lime juice, strawberries, mint and soda water came out on top though. Perfect summer drinks which went fabulously with the gorgeous canapés - the asparagus with crab was possibly the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. 

The evening was so mild it was easy to forget we were even in London but looking up we were quickly reminded as we were right under the Shard.

As the sunset we headed home merry and very happy. It was a fabulous night and I have found my new favourite drink!

The Cointreau Fizz Garden Parties at The Skyroom, London Bridge are running every Tuesday until 2nd July 2013. Register for free here. Enjoy! 


  1. Well, garden parties are always fun. Seems you had fun in this party. I am going to attend a party at San Francisco venues, and hope to see wonderful arrangements there. Hopefully will get some ideas for my wedding reception party that’s in next month.