August Reading


I’ve read some great books this month see here  and  here and another of my faves was Maggie O’Farrell’s Instructions for a Heatwave.  

The story is set in the British heatwave of 1976 and is based around the Riordarn family, a family about to be plunged into crisis.

One morning Gretta Riordan wakes up to discover her husband her husband of 40 years has gone to get a paper – but hasn’t come back.

She calls her three grow-up children for help. Michael Francis is battling with a failing marriage, Monica has step-daughters that hate her and a complicated past which means she no longer speaks to the youngest of the family, Aoife. Aoife now lives in New York and his is hiding a huge secret…

As the family are thrown together in search of their husband and father, more secrets are revealed. Will this family get a happy ending?

This book is excellently written and you can’t help but sympathise with each character as you discover their deep secrets.

Great book that I devoured in days, and had me feeling optimistic that there still might be time for a heatwave….


  1. I don't think I've expressed my love for your blog enough.. You review books and love pizza. This has got to be the PERFECT combination. (Currently adding a few of the books you've read to my holiday reads wish list.. Thank you!!)



    1. This is the nicest comment EVER - thank you! *blushes*
      Let me know what books you read and what you think! Enjoy your holiday. Love x