Something for the weekend?


Two very different but equally brilliant books are published today so if you’re after something to read ahead of the weekend, I can’t recommend these two enough…
First up – 
Tainted Love by my absolute FAVOURITE crime writer, Kimberley Chambers.
Nobody can hurt you like the ones you love… Blood is thicker than water, love is stronger than hate – and that’s the problem. When your brother has betrayed you, there’s no coming back.
Vinny and Michael have always protected each other and provided for the family. Together they were formidable but business always stopped at the front door. Now someone has changed the rules – women and children are fair game and one of the Butlers is going to end up six feet under.
Little Vinny is battling not to follow in his father’s footsteps. Sweet Sammi-Lou has just vowed ‘til death do us part, but it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out about the murder he committed.
Dark secrets are spiralling out of control and have the power to destroy them all for good. Is this the final nail in the Butler family coffin?
Three Butlers. Two weddings. One funeral…
Sounds gripping, right? Believe me – it is. This is the fourth book in the Butler series but you can still delve into this without reading the previous three as you do get a recap of what’s happened within the novel.
The characters in this are brilliant and there are so many twists and turns you’ll be left seriously dizzy.
It’s completely explosive so if you fancy an East end, gangland read, you won’t be disappointed.
And secondly -  
Another Love by the wonderful Amanda Prowse
In the early years, she was happy.
Romilly had worked hard for her stunning, modern house in one of Bristol's most fashionable suburbs. She adored her gorgeous, gap-toothed daughter and her kind and handsome husband. Sure, life was sometimes exhausting - but nothing that a large glass of wine at the end of the day couldn't fix.
But then, as deep-buried insecurities surfaced, everything started to unravel. A glass of wine became a bottle; one bottle became two. Once, Romilly's family were everything to her. Now, after years of hiding the drinking, she must finally admit that she has found another love...
Amanda Prowse is a beautiful writer and deals with some really gritty and uncomfortable issues, effortlessly. This is completely unputdownable read which had me turning the pages at a serious pace.  
Happy Reading!

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