September Reading


September saw me being very reminiscent as it marked the 10th anniversary of when I started university, so reading The Reunion by Amy Silver made me reminisce even more as it's all about a group of friends who met at uni. 

Jen, Andrew, Lilah, Natalie and Dan were inseparable but in the 17 years since they graduated, they've hardly seen each other because of a tragedy that happened one summer in France. 

Then Jen decides enough is enough and invites them all back to the same French house. A snowstorm traps them inside and forces them to face their broken friendships head on and finally deal with the tragedy that tore them apart… 

As the tragedy in The Reunion is slowly revealed, you realise there is a lot more too this book. All the characters are intriguing and have their own issues to deal with and you feel sympathy for them all. This is a real page-turner - and a bit of a weepy too!  

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