30 and fabulous!


Last month saw one of my oldest friends Emily, be the first one of us to road test being 30* - so the pressure was on to get a present(s) that would be perfect! 

So I embarked on the task of putting together 30 presents - each with a note about being 30… 

These included anti-ageing cream (because now she's 30 she'll need it… luckily she isn't offended easily!), an academic diary (to make exciting plans for her 30th year) and a collapsible wine glass (now she's 30 she must always be prepared!)   

My favourite bits that I gave Emily (and her fave bits too!) were from dotcomgiftshop

I loved these little jam jar candle holders which will look great in the house or garden. 

This sign, also from dotcomgiftshop, is perfect as Emily and Sushil have just got married!

And this gorgeous necklace from The Jewel Shack suited her so much! 

She was thrilled with all her bits and we had the most amazing champagne breakfast at Michael Frith's in Bennetts Brasserie. 

For just £22.95 per person you get half a bottle of Champagne per couple and a three course breakfast. Bargain!

I went with the oat, almond and honey granola with dried fruit. 

The full English breakfast…. 

And believe it or not I still had room so went with the mini banana crepes! Seriously lush and all cooked from fresh. If you live in Derby I urge you to go immediately - and at just £22.95 you don't even have to wait for a special occasion! 

It was a lovely day and we had so much fun that I'm looking forward to my 30th even more now next year! 

Have you got any special birthdays coming up? 

*Emily assures me that being 30 is just fabulous! 


  1. I was looking at booking a champagne breakfast at Morley Hayes next month but this does look good..

    1. You should definitely go here - the best Champagne breakfast I've ever had! x