February Reading


The Lemon Grove’s release has had a lot of hype around it’s release – and all justified.

From the moment I picked it up I COULD. NOT. PUT. IT DOWN and for the first time ever wanted my commute to last longer. 

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh focuses on Jen who is on holiday with her husband in Mallorca. All is well until Jen's step-daughter Emma turns up - with her new boyfriend Nathan in tow. What should be a happy family holiday though is anything but and what happens next will leave you open mouthed and unable to turn the pages quick enough. 

Firstly this book leaves you desperate to go on holiday. The description of Mallorca is so impressive if you close your eyes you could almost imagine you were there and not on the very packed, sweaty Northern line at rush hour. 

Secondly this book is rude. Like, 'oh wow, did that really just happen?' rude. It makes Fifty Shades look like a kids book. I really hoped the man sitting next to me on the tube wasn't reading over my shoulder… 

And thirdly, this book has more twists and turns than The Big One in Blackpool. 

If I haven't convinced you by now to read it, I don't know what well. 

Helen Walsh, I applaud you. The Lemon Grove is a superb book. The only negative? It was all over far too soon…