I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!


Chatting #AlwaysTheBridesmaid at Lindsey's launch (tequila cocktails were a treat.)
Oh haiiiiiii!! Here I am after year + hiatus. I won't apologise for my absence cuz no one will have missed me that much but I did think it was about time I got back in the saddle mainly because I have read some beyond awesome books recently and I believe it's my duty to tell you all about them!

So lets kick of with one of my fave authors shall? 

Lindsey Kelk. I've been a fan of this girl's work since 2009 when my friend Apples told me about this AH-mazing new book she'd read, I Heart New York. She was right. It was bloody brilliant and I've been a fan ever since. 

So when I heard her latest book Always the Bridesmaid was soon to be released I requested a copy sharpish. 

When it arrived I basally cancelled all plans and devoured in one sitting. I knew it would be good but it was blow me away good. And - I'm going to say it - I reckon it is her BEST BOOK YET. 

So, what's it about it? 

Maddie is juggling being bridesmaid and planning her best friends wedding alongside supporting her other best mate who is going through a divorce. Add in a promotion and man drams alongside the bridezilla texts and late-night counseling sessions, she begins to wonder – is it time to stop being the bridesmaid?
It's such a funny read and all the characters are very likeable and relatable. If you're about to go on holiday or just need a book for your commute, get this. 
Like I said, it's Lindsey's best yet and I'm 100% confident you won't be able to disagree. 
The girl herself look being fab at her launch. #AlwaysTheBridesmaid. Go get it. 

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