Lucy, I salute you


The book with THE prettiest cover
They say you should never judge a book by its cover - but that's exactly what I did when Lucy Robinson's The Day We Disappeared landed on my desk, and I'm not even apologising. It was love at first sight. 

I pulled the drab book I was currently reading out my Kate Spade and quickly replaced it with this. I thought it would be a good read but I was wrong. It was a BRILLIANT 'Oh my GOD' 'What?' 'That did not happen' 'I don't want this ever to end' read. Yep. That brilliant. One of those rare books that take a turn of events that you just weren’t expecting that leaves you open mouthed shouting 'Nooooooo' on the tube as your fellow commuters look at you oddly but you don't notice because all you care about is THE BOOK. 

So, briefly as I do NOT do spoilers, what's it about? 

Annie has a heartbreaking secret. But then she meets a kind and caring man determined to fix her. And Kate has run away – but no one knows why. Both are running from their pasts. Will they get a happy ending?

I've gushed enough, but seriously, get this book. You'll see exactly what I mean.  

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  1. I've never wanted to pick up a random book more. Both for beauty and your, frankly genius, review.
    Long time no see - welcome back dude.
    M x