Burger & Shake - New Kid on the Block


2012 saw an influx of burger joints arrive and at the tail end of the year came Burger & Shake. Last but by no means least…. 

Nestled in a street by Russell Square and my friends Lizzie, Nic and I were the first through the doors that evening (keen award). We got there just before 6pm, desperate to beat the queues which apparently you have to have right now to consider yourself a cool eating establishment. 

Surprisingly though there was no queue and we were seated straight away. It made a refreshing change!  

As soon as I sat down I wanted to order an alcoholic shake. I'd been dreaming of one all day and I was not disappointed. Made with coconut, rum, tequila and malted toffee liquor shake, it was heaven in a glass. A very nice martini glass. And a bargain at £6.50!

They only had one alcoholic shake option but as they had only been open just a couple of weeks when I went they assured me that there will be more to come. I'm hoping for a peanut butter shake maybe with rum…. 

The menu was simple - burgers, hotdogs and chicken wings. 

There was only option for Nic and I though - the house burger. A 6oz burger with American cheese, sweet cured bacon, mustard ketchup and (a new one on me) horse radish - YUM. 

Lizzie went for the pork hotdog and we ordered the house fries as well as a bottle of white wine. 

The wine was nice and chilled and the waiter was super friendly. So far, all boxes ticked. 

Then the food arrived…. 

The beef was juicy and the bacon crisp. The addition of the horseradish sauce made it taste like no burger I've ever had before!! Truly delish. And at £9 a real bargain. Apparently the pork hotdog, which cost just £6.50, was pretty tasty too. 


We all cleared our plates in record time and even though we were fit to burst of course we had to sample dessert. It was a chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake, how could we not!?  We weren't sure if we'd be able to finish it though… 

But we did. 

Three very happy girls left a lovely restaurant and a welcome addition to the growing amount of burger joints in London. 

Burger & Shake is definitely one to visit so get down there quickly before the queues form. Because they will, trust me…. 

Burger & Shake - 47 Marchmont Street, London, WC1 N1A https://twitter.com/BurgerShake


  1. Aaaaand, now I'm starving! Wish they had this in Glasgow, it looks amazing!

    1. If you're ever in London you have to go! xx