Lupita East, Shoreditch


Lupita  bills itself as London's first truly authentic Mexican restaurant - and I wholeheartedly agree. 

There are many Mexican restaurants in the city but Lupita takes the Mexican crown (or maybe sombrero is more appropriate….)

The Embankment branch on Villers Street has been open since 2010 and I was lucky enough to attend the opening of the new restaurant, Lupita East, in Shoreditch back in November with my friend Elaine. 

We couldn't wait to go back and as both of us were shunning a dry January  we ordered  a bottle of Prosecco as we browsed the extensive menu. 

We really wanted the guacamole and the waitress advised us that we ought to order the Guacamole Artesanal which is made at your table. It was such a novelty to see it being made and it tasted so fresh, possibly the best I've ever tasted. It costs £9.95 which for the amount you get is a bargain. 

For our main courses we went with chorizo, onion and potato Quesadilla and a chicken Quesadilla 
and we also got some tacos - the Cochinita Pibil a traditional slow-roasted pork dish and Caritas, barbecued pork. Each dish cost £5.95. They were the perfect size so we weren't too full. 

There was no room for dessert though but even more reason to go back especially as they have a Mezcaleria bar in the basement where there they have shelf upon shelf of Mezcals and Tequilas. 

I can't recommend Lupita East enough. You must go for the Guacamole alone! And maybe a side shot of tequila. Or two...