Bloody Brilliant Blogs #1


Like all my blogging in December, my Bloody Brilliant Blog series went a bit AWOL but do not fear - I'm back! And these are blogs I've been loving in the first week of 2014….

Being Erica's post on Flat Iron has reminded me I MUST check this place out. Who doesn't love a steak? Medium rare if you're wondering… 

Being the New Year and all I am trying to eat a little better and not just reach for the takeaway menu - so Cocktails and Caroline's Chicken Satay Bowl sounds perfect - and looks amazing! Will be making that in the week for sure. 

And making me laugh this week (as always) is Lunacy of Ink talking about her pet name for her husband… And Ginger Girl also made have a little chuckle with her drunk texting post. We've all been there….!

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