Bloody Brilliant Blogs #2


There has been so many blogs I've loved this week - and as usual, mainly all food related… Ready to see them? Let's go! 

Cocktails and Caroline made me DROOL with this pic of her homemade KFC. Will definitely be trying that out… I also loved her post on the Drunch Eatery and Lounge. Looks amaze AND does low-cal options. Guilt-free eating out is a winner in my book. I also agree with her views on Mahiki…. I went there last summer for a friend's birthday and found it AWFUL. Quite possibly the worst service I've ever received in the world and I will not ever be going there. 


Flo and Elle's blog on Yalla Yalla reminded me that I still haven't been there yet which is a travesty. I need their houmous in my life! 

I can't wait to make Life Outside London's chicken and broccoli bake - and having a super healthy dinner means I can follow it up with a slice of Oh Gosh's chocolate and Amaretto cake, right? YUM.

Moving on to my favourite none food related posts… It may seem madness to be thinking of Christmas already but Miss Thrifty has a point. Buy things in the sale now, less stress when the festive season hits us again. I've already bought all my Christmas cards for next year… #Organised. 

And I can't wait to follow J'adore's journey as she attempts to read 50 books. I'm also going to try this so nice to know I'm in good company! 


  1. Thank you so much for including me in this list, and also for introducing me to some bloody brilliant blogs (yours included) x

  2. That chocolate and amaretto cake looks absolutely fantastic! Shame I'm all low-carb at the moment; still, looking is free, right?

    1. Totally! Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't look at the menu....!