Bloody Brilliant Blogs #4


I've been truly spoilt with the amount of fabulous blogs I've read this week. I have had a lot of LOLZ and drooled over a lot of good-looking food. 

It was difficult to whittle it down to just a few to write about, but if I'd done them all, this post would have been dissertation length! 

So, here we go…. 

I completely agreed with pretty much every point of Charlotte Web's 100 things I love about London post. And I want to visit every restaurant Lorilee's London has spoken about in her favourite places to eat in London post. 

LOVED Fashion Life London's post on fake underground signs. It's the little things…. And Ginger Girl Says, who is fast becoming my have blogger ever, did it again by making me nod in agreement before laughing out loud at my desk with her Great Expectations post. My timeline also is filled with engagements and baby announcements. I must have missed the memo which said it was time to settle down… 

I LOVE French food so will definitely be heading to Blanchette - thanks Little Miss Notting Hill for your fabulous photos which I drooled over as I tucked into my beans on toast (BEYOND happy it's payday tomorrow….) 

And finally, a HUGE thank you to Not Quite Enough For Me who has proved I obviously go around with my eyes closed as Stepney City farm is ON MY DOORSTEP and I didn't even know about it! Not only does it have cute, furry animals but also sells amazing fresh food. And I WANT that cherry almond tart. YUM.