Book review: Missing Rose by Linda Newbery


It was the day when everything stopped…
At quarter past two on a hot summer afternoon, Anna’s beautiful, headstrong older sister Rose disappears. And Anna was the last person to see her.
Their parents, Rose’s friends, the police – no-one can find where Rose has gone or who might have taken her.
Twenty years later, Rose is still missing. Anna is the only one who still believes she might be alive, and unable to take control of her own life while her sister’s disappearance remains unsolved, she begins to hunt for the truth herself. But the search for Rose will uncover secrets she is not prepared for…

With compelling characters revealing their stories and secrets in a series of flashbacks, Missing Rose is certainly a page turner. There is never a hint of what happened to Rose so as Anna starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together you can't help but try and guess yourself what might have happened. But as the jigsaw completes it won't be the picture you imagine… 

I love surprise endings, books that make you gasp: 'No WAY' out loud regardless of your surroundings. If you're the same, pop this on your TBR pile. 

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