Other brilliant books I read in March…


Seriously though… How are we at the end of March already?! 

And I've also loved…. 

Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez 

Sunny, former proprietor of the Little Coffee Shop and new owner of the Screaming Peacock vineyard. Can she handle the challenges of life on her own?
Yasmina, the young mother who now runs the cafe, until a terrifying event strikes at the heart of her family and business...
Layla and Kat, Afghan teenagers in America, struggling to make sense of their place in the world...

Zara, about to be forced into a marriage which will have devastating consequences
These women are about to learn what Halajan, Yazmina's rebellious mother-in-law, has known all along: when the world as you know it disappears, you find a new way to live...
I loved The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul so I was very excited to get my hands on this brilliant sequel.
A great insight into the lives of women in Kabul. An emotional eye-opener and a must read. 
The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell

Abi's barely left her bed since Joseph, the love of her life, dumped her, saying they were incompatible.

When Joseph leaves a box of her possessions on her doorstep, she finds a bucket list of ten things she never knew he wanted to do. What better way to win him back than by completing the list, and proving they're a perfect match?

 But there's just one problem - or rather, ten. Abi's not exactly the outdoorsy type, and she's absolutely terrified of heights - not ideal for a list that includes climbing a mountain, cycling around the Isle of Wight and, last but not least, abseiling down the tallest building in town

Completing the list is going to need all Abi's courage - and a lot of help from her friends. 
But as she heals her broken heart one task at a time, the newly confident Abi might just have a surprise in store...

I love Anna Bell's warm writing style and you can easily get lost in this. It's laugh out loud in places and a perfect rainy day read. 

Hester and Harriet by Hilary Spiers 

Sisters Hester and Harriet are reluctantly driving to visit relatives when they come across a young woman hiding with her baby in a bus shelter. Seeing the perfect excuse for returning to their own warm hearth, the pair insist on bringing Daria and Milo home with them. 

But with the arrival of a sinister stranger looking for a girl with a baby, followed quickly by their cousins' churlish fifteen-year-old son, Ben, who also appears to be seeking sanctuary, Hester and Harriet's carefully crafted peace and quiet quickly begins to fall apart. And, perhaps, that's exactly what they need...

Hester and Harriet are such brilliant characters that you won't be able to help but love.

This books deals with serious issues but without getting too heavy. It's very witty and a real pleasure of a read. 

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