Home is where the heart is, and Kate thinks a lot about making people feel at home. She works for a global hotel corporation. She has two young children, and a husband of ten years.
Now, both Kate's home and her heart are about to implode: she has discovered a series of emails from her husband Adam to another woman. Probing for answers, she realizes this not the worst possible discovery - in fact, it is only the beginning.
As her family unravels, Kate's job becomes increasingly demanding - but how can she provide the perfect guest experience when her own foundations have been knocked away? She tries to hold things together for her daughters, but doesn't know what to tell them when they ask when Adam is coming home. Who was the man with whom Kate built a life? And what is he to her now?
 I couldn’t have been more excited when a copy of Lover landed on my desk. I’d read so manygood reviews and I wanted in on the action.
However, the only problem that surrounds a book with much hype is I often find they don’t deliver – but that wasn’t the case at all with Lover.
From page one I was completely hooked as the story unfolds of a very normal couple  whose marriage begins to break down after Kate discovers her husband Adam is having an affair.
The writing is style is brilliant and so very real. This isn’t a fairy tale and it certainly isn’t dressed up that way either.
In fact, as Kate struggles to deal with the information she discovers and battles with whether she should take her husband back or not, the whole account is deeply moving and very unsettling in places but that just adds to it’s brilliance.
Believe the hype and get this book immediately – I can’t recommend it enough.
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      Get this one on your TBR pile xx

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