A Royal Delivery


I'd never really considered myself a Royalist as quite frankly I didn't care much for the Royal family. Growing up I knew my nan liked the Queen as she forced us to watch her speech at 3pm on Christmas day and had tea towels with her face on. And my mum liked Princess Diana, probs because they were similar age and had a similar haircut. And I've always liked Harry because he was a ginger. But that was it really, I wouldn't say I was a fan.  

The the 29th April 2011 happened (William and Kate's wedding, if you need to be reminded.)

My friend Amy and I knew that we wanted to head to Hyde Park for the celebrations and to watch the ceremony on the big screen - mainly because it meant it was a great excuse to drink really, really early. 

So we met at 6am, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of Pimms and a picnic in hand. We smiled at all the other Royal revellers and as we stepped off the tube at Hyde Park was convinced we'd seen Prince Harry…. This was before we were drunk. 

We found a great spot and cracked open the champers. By 8am it's fair to say we were plastered. 

The Americans loved us and wouldn't stop taking pics with us. We more than happily posed. 

Then it all kicked off. We screamed when we first saw Kate in her dress like we were teens at a pop concert. By the time they said their vows we were crying. Then opened another bottle of champagne… 

The next day I woke up with a sore head and with a new status - as a Royalist. I was SOLD. This wasn't the Royal family. This was a NEW Royal family. 

So when Kate announced she was pregnant late last year, I was thrilled - we were going to get a new Royal heir! 

I loved watching her bump grow and seeing what maternity outfits she'd wear next as I crowned her most stylish pregnant person EVER. 

Then the due date arrived (or what we thought was the due date) and there was no baby. Another week passed. Still no baby. Then I stepped off the escalator at Camden Town yesterday morning my phone flashed up with an alert - the Prince or Princess was on their way.  

From that moment until the it was announced last night that they'd had a son I'd become obsessed - as did pretty much everyone I knew especially my friend Emily who lives in India and stayed up until ridiculous o'clock until she'd heard the news. At the end of the day we were witnessing history - we'll never have another heir to the throne born in our lifetime after all. 

And as Kate, with her beautiful, glossy, bouncy hair, and Wills, with not so much hair, came out of the hospital to showcase their son I couldn't help but shed a tear. 

Congrats Will and Kate. Now where's the champagne? 


  1. i love this! if i had been in london during the wedding i would have been the same! i was never too bothered about the royal family but i've seriously grown to love them since the wedding, and now i can't get enough of them! yay royal baby! x

  2. I watched it live on tv - kate looked gorgeous (and the baby did) :) x


    1. I cried! She looked so amazing. Can't wait to see more pics of the baby! x