About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk


I love books where you come away feeling a little inspired. I  read Lindsey Kelk's first book I heart New York when I was in a job I was starting to hate. I wondered if I could just flee to New York like main character did and build a new exciting life there. I didn't but I did book an amazing five-day trip there and buy my precious Marc Jacobs handbag. 

I heart Paris made me want to sit and drink champagne and eat macaroons all day and I heart Vegas helped me make the decision that I absolutely will be spending my 30th birthday there. 

I love Lindsey's writing style. It's fun and the main girl in the story is always a strong character who your an relate too. 

In her latest offering, About a Girl, we meet Tess who has just lost a job when she actually thinks she is about to get a promotion. As a workaholic, Tess is devastated. 

She is jobless, her photographer flatmate, Vanessa, is a crazy bully and she's in love with her best friend - but he doesn't feel the same. The future looks bleak. 

The Tess answers Vanessa's mobile and takes a message about a photography assignment in Hawaii. On a whim, she decided to get away from it all and pose as super bitchy Vanessa. She used to be an amateur photographer - so what's the worst that could happen….? 

If you're heading off on your jollies soon (like I am on Tuesday - whoop!) this is the perfect book to read by the pool. 


  1. I will have to keep an eye out for it and pick it up if I see it. I really want to read another like Until you're mine, I love a twist. I didn't like the end of Gone Girl much. I sound like I read lots but I don't Lol. only try too. I've been having a nosey and read this eve. lovely blog.following on bloglovin x

    1. I REALLY disliked Gone Girl. Hated the ending! Such a shame as it had the potential to be brilliant. I've read a couple of books with good twists recently - blog reviews coming soon!
      Thanks for following - really enjoy your blog too! x