Feast in the Fields


Yesterday, despite the weather warnings of torrential rain and thunder storms, Soldier and I took a walk down the canal to London Fields. Destination? Feast in the Fields. 

Feast in the Fields is a monthly gathering of London Street Food and resides in the London Fields Brewery's brewhouse space. If you haven't been, it's an awesome venue and obviously has amazing beers, brewed right there, obvs. Oh, and they have a DJ whom you can dance along too while you browse the pretty impressive beer list. 

After grabbing ourselves an unfiltered lager we browsed the food that was on offer. My mouth was watering a little at all the amazing smells. For a second I wondered how on earth I was going to pick just one thing - then I spotted it. A duck burger. 

As you know I love burgers. But what you might not know is I really love duck. So duck combined with a burger = winning. 

The creator of this burger was the South West Supper Club. It was cooked to perfection and presented with orange and Earl Grey chutney and rocket on a wholemeal, seeded roll. 

Sounds amazing? Trust me, it WAS. 

Here it is in all it's glory: 

It was possibly the best burger I've had in a long, long time. I was almost tempted to buy another…

I knew what Soldier was going to order, probably before he knew himself. Soldier LOVES and I mean LOVES pork especially pulled pork and pork belly. So it was no  surprise that he headed to Beard To Tail, famed for their grilled, slow roasted an barbequed meats.

Luckily he allowed me to take a quick pic before he dived in. It was demolished in seconds and declared: 'Possibly the best pork I've ever tasted!'  

We're now really keen to head to their restaurant in Shoreditch. 

Even though I was pretty full, the smell of nearby stall La Crepe des Delices was too much resist. Before I knew it I was up there ordering a crepe with Nutella and banana. LUSH. 

The crepe was HUGE. Big enough to share. Though I didn't… I shall definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for them popping up elsewhere around London. 

All in all, Feast in the Fields was a huge success and it didn't even rain. So, if you fancy some excellent food in a awesome venue that is open until late then check out their website for when they are next popping up: Feast in the Fields


  1. WOW. This sounds amazing!!! A duck burger and nutella crepes sound like a winning combination. xx