Galeto - Brazilian street food


It was a drizzly, not at all summer like, June evening when Elaine and I headed to Soho's newest restaurant Galeto.

A Brazilian restaurant serving South American authentic street food, the miserable night was soon forgotten about though as soon as we caught sight of the multicoloured striped awning. 

And inside the bright colours and music lifted our spirits even more with the walls adorned with pictures of colourful kites, butterflies and shapes, the work of Brazilian graffiti artist Milo Tchais. 

We were seated in the window which was perfect if you're a people watcher and as we saw the staff bring out gorgeous looking food to neighbouring tables, we knew we were in for a treat. 

The staff were unbelievably helpful - but not in a pushy way. We were unsure about what wine to pick so the waitress gave us her advice and even allowed us to try a wine before ordering. 

We settled for a crisp Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and also on her advice ordered the Coxinhas de fringe (soft potatoes dough filled with shredded chicken) and the Bolinhos de bacalhau (salted cod fish cakes.) 

They arrived quickly and were amazing, the cod fish cakes being our favourite as they were so moreish. 

At this point Elaine pointed out that the tables were nicely spaced out. We weren't all on top of each other which happens all too often with restaurants desperate to squeeze as many people in as possible so you end up having dinner with complete strangers. In Galeto you can actually have a conversation without the fear of the person next to you sharing every word. 

Once our starter plates were removed, we looked properly at the menu. 

Our obvious choice was to order the signature dish, Galeto ('little chicken' in Portuguese.) It's marinated for 24 hours then grilled to perfection. 

Luckily the manager came over to help after seeing our confused faces about what to pick. 

On his his advice we went for the Picanha (8oz rump steak), the Cassava wedges, a side salad and all three dips on offer - tropical fruit barbecue, hot and spicy coriander and garlic cream. 

Our mouths were watering when the food came out - we didn't know where to start. 

The steak was perfectly cooked (medium/rare) and the salsa really complimented it. The chicken was the best I've tasted in a long time and the fries they were served with were really crispy. 

The Cassava wedges were fluffy on the inside and went perfectly with the tropical fruit barbecue sauce.

We ate in silence apart from the odd appreciative noise until there was nothing left on our plates. We were full and happy.

So then came the problem....

Dessert. Would there be room for the amazing dishes on offer? Luckily, yes.

Alongside ordering two of Brazil's signature cocktails, the Caipirinha, we also ordered the banana fritz (sliced banana, pan friend in orange and lime, topped with vanilla ice-cream) and Pave-de-Limao (layers of cookies topped with cream and limes.) 

Now a lot of restaurants concentrate so hard on their starters and main courses being perfect that their desserts are left as a bit of an after thought. Not Gelato. 

The desserts were FABULOUS. The flavours were intense and delicious and easily washed down with the refreshing Caipirinhas. 

And for three courses each, a bottle of wine and a cocktail each it came to just over £70. An absolute bargain especially when restaurants in the surrounding area can be so pricey. 

So if you're looking for somewhere pretty fabulous to go this summer, Galeto is your place. 

Galeto - 33 Dean Street, Soho, London - 0207 434 1409 @galetouk

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