Bloody Brilliant Blogs #4


OK, so this is late. Three days late in fact. But you know what they say… Better late than never!

Girl V London is fast becoming my fave blog. SO funny. Couldn’t stop laughing at this post on closing a date. Exactly the sort of awkward thing I’d do!

This post from Being Erica made me want to book a table at Ponti’s Italian Kitchen immediately and how lush does Life Outside London's Fennel and Sausage pasta look? I’ll have a double helping please… 

What Naomi Wrote’s post made me realise I need to send more handwritten letters and cards. I used to be so good at it but this year I’ve been rubbish. This must change!

And finally, Beautiful Solution's’s post on your most annoying Facebook is SO true. We all know a baby bore and a candy crush pest. Though I am a self-confessed wannabe masterchef…