The Flavours of Love by Dorothy Koomson


I've been a big fan of Dorothy Koomson for a few years now, ever since I picked up my mum's copy of My Best Friend's Girl and read it in one sitting. Each of her books gets better and better and every time I get her latest book in my hands I always think: This can't be any better than the last she did. But every time, it always is. 

That's why I can't recommend her latest novel The Flavours of Love enough. 

The main character is Saffron. It’s been 18 months since Saffron’s husband was murdered and she is determined to finish writing The Flavours of Love cookbook that he started before he died.

Everyone thinks she is coping well but no one knows what she is hiding. And with her daughter confessing a huge secret and her husband’s murderer still on the loose, things aren’t going to get any easier…

With The Flavours of Love, Dorothy Koomson does what she does best – a powerful read which will have you hooked until the end, without a doubt. 


  1. I do love a bit of Koomson. Sticking this on my 'to read over Chrimbo' list (that's a thing!)
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Ooh, I think I might start one of these lists! x