Lazy Sunday reading: Take a Look at Me Now by Miranda Dickinson


On a cold Sunday like this, it's nice to sit on the sofa, onesie on and read a book cover to cover. 

Well ladies (and gents!) I give you Miranda Dickinson's Take a Look at Me Now as that book.

The book starts with Nell who is being made redundant - and her on-off boyfriend breaks the news to her. 

Heartbroken and unemployed she decides to head to San Francisco with her redundancy cheque to stay with her cousin Lizzie. 

Once there, with Annie's, an amazing American diner on her doorstep, Nell re-discovers her own dream of opening up her own American style diner and sets about turning her dream into a reality. But throw a romance into the mix, and add her ex coming back on the scene, will everything go to plan? 

This is such a lovely, easy reading book and you can't help but root for Nell and hope it all turns out OK for her. So what you waiting for? Have a lazy Sunday and go read!