Pizza + Bus = LOVE


When my friend and desk buddy Harriet said she was going to eat pizza on a bus, I had to ask her to repeat what she said. I mean, pizza! On a bus! How brilliant is that?

She said it was pretty amazing so I thought it was only fair that she shared the pizza bus love.

Here’s Harriet…..

Harriet AKA giddy schoolgirl
All aboard!

You know that unsettling feeling you get when you step onto a non-moving escalator? And no matter how many times you tell yourself: ‘It’s okay, body, just treat them like a normal, stationary flight of stairs,’ you still come over all dizzy and weird?

I experienced a similar sensation when I first sat down for dinner on the Big Red Pizza Bus, a restaurant in Southeast London. As the name would suggest, the venue is a real, beautiful bus. I expected the double-decker to move – because that’s what buses do – but not this one. It stayed put. And thankfully that disorientating feeling lasted all but a few seconds… 

Jump on
Choose your deck

Step aboard (no Oyster card needed) and take a seat on the lower or upper deck of this retired – but loved – transporter.

Put your Oyster card away!

The diner-style, candle-lit tables and original, checked bus seats sit four comfortably. There’s a few longer pews (no table) right at the back of the lower deck, too, where you might enjoy a few cocktails and, I assume, hang out with the cool kids!

Lower deck

The kind of cool kids you'll find at the back

The artisan pizzas are big and delicious (£6.95+) with generous toppings sourced from Borough Market. The menu also offers handmade Italian egg pasta and salads; though the chicken Caesar salad, in comparison to the pizzas, was disappointing.

Ooh, conductor, you're spoiling us

The novelty of eating on a GODDAM BUS didn’t wane throughout my 90-minute sitting and, by the end, I felt like a giddy schoolgirl (compounded when I rode the DLR home, sitting at the VERY front).

Unsurprisingly, therefore, Big Red is incredibly popular with children and, for this reason, the waiter advised me to book if I visited on a weekend.

I’m certain, though, to avoid disappointment, bookings will soon be mandatory midweek too as this quirky eatery seriously takes off. Not literally, of course! That would make for messy pizza consumption – like eating your dinner on a moving escalator…

INFO: The Big Red Pizza Bus, 30 Deptford Church Street, London, SE8 4RZ (next door to The Bird’s Nest pub).

There’s also an outdoor, heated terrace, and you can find details about their film, comedy and music nights (and more) here:

Twitter: @thebigredpizza


  1. Ah my word that sounds awesome and how fun a setting is the old bus?! That would certainly be worth a try (I mean you can't go too wrong with a pizza) but that bus certainly adds something!

  2. IT'S PIZZA ON A BUS!!!! Freakin' awesome. And totally worth shouting about.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. This? This is totally AWESOME!! I am making a note of it for our next adventure in London!!

  4. This looks amazing! I'm going to have to check it out! Im glad the food is good and not just a novel restaurant

    I also love that your rode the front of the DLR, what a way to end the night! x