Something I said I'd never do again - I JOINED A GYM


Valentine's Day. Yes, yes. I know I'm writing this a week late, things have been busy! Anyway, Valentines day, I don't hate it. I certainly don't really like it either. It's just a day where men feel the need to spend a ridiculous amount of money on flowers for their partners who say 'don't bother this year' but actually mean 'if you don't you're dumped.'

Panic flower buying men in Waitrose... 
I went to get Soldier a card with a strict criteria - it had to be really funny or it had to have an owl on. Morrisons provided neither of those things so I got him a bottle of his favourite rum instead. He was very pleased.

I got a card from him and one from my Dad. And an e-card and text from my besties.

Cute, eh? I felt very loved!!

In the evening Soldier went on his first works night out which I was more than fine with - it meant I could spend the evening with my latest crush/obsession - the new fancy pants Reebok gym I've joined.

OK. STOP laughing. I know you all know my awful success rates with gyms. If you don't, read this which will tell you all about the time I spent £444 on just one gym class...

But I'm hoping this relationship will be more successful.

Firstly it's BEAUTIFUL. Check out the reception area. Looks like a boutique hotel, right? And we all know I like the finer things in life...

Oh it's so beautiful. I certainly don't mind spending time there. The changing rooms are like a spa - they have GHDs! 

And the pool. Well the pool.... 

Fancy a dip?

So Valentine's night. I went to go for a gentle swim - and instead ended up in a aqua aerobic class. Which was hardcore. And my bikini bottoms aren't made for actually exercise, more sitting by a pool sunbathing, so they kept on falling down. I spent 45 minutes terrified that I'd be thrown out of my beautiful new gym for exposing myself. How upsetting that would be! 

Anyway, I had a lovely, smug Valentine's night, me and two other women doing slut drops in a swimming pool. Much better than paying a ridiculous amount of money for a set menu in an average restaurant with loads of couples who are all having forced fun.... So I win. Hands down. See you in the pool.  


  1. that gym looks heavenly! there's nothing worse than an overcrowded, overpriced restaurant on v day in my opinion - you did it right! x

  2. I'm very proud of you for joining a gym. And a beautiful one at that. Can I come on a guest pass please?
    You can come to mine, although it's not as plush...
    Also, while I'm here - love your Valentine's love!