Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley


I finished Amity & Sorrow in just two days at the start of the month and simply couldn't wait until the April Reads post to tell you about it… 
With the commune on fire, Amaranth takes the chance to escape the religious cult she has been part of for years, and her husband. She takes with her daughters Amity and Sorrow. 
But the teenager sisters aren't really happy about being taken from all they've ever known. Sorrow is angry at her mother for taking her away from her father, the leader, and Amity struggles to fit in and understand life outside the cult…
Amity & Sorrow is a roller coaster of a novel that keeps you gripped to the very end as you are desperate to fid out what happens to the trio. 
It is dark, disturbing in places, but beautifully written and a must read.