MIA: Sunshine


Where is the sun? Seriously. WHERE IS THE SUN? It was last seen what feels like about five years ago. 

Now I'm not one to talk about the weather often. It's such an incredibly British thing to do. We moan when it is too hot. We moan when it is too cold. We moan. It's what we do. Moan and talk about the weather. 

Normally I try not to jump on this bandwagon. I don't like to be one stating the obvious: 'Oh isn't it cold today'. The worst kind of weather talkers are the ones that exclaim on Facebook: 'It's snowing! It's snowing!' Like we don't all have windows and we can't see for ourselves. 

But I feel that this awful weather has left me with no option but to discuss it in the hope that if we all moan and talk about the lack of sun enough, it may finally make an appearance.

I write this with the heating on full, a fleece wrapped round my legs… It's April. The jokes worn thin now. My pasty skin needs to see the heat before I become completely transparent. 

Yesterday I looked back at photos from this time last year. 

Here they are:

Me wearing a jacket - and pumps! I don't look cold!

My Soldier drinking OUTSIDE a pub. With no coat on! 

Sun on Oxford Street

Oh and I'd even broke out the flip-flops. 

This weekend it snowed and I walked around in my winter coat and big boots. Meh. 

So come on. Someone, somewhere needs to pay the meter, flick the switch and lets summertime begin. We're more than ready for it, don't you agree?


  1. UGH totally understand this. This time last year, I was in Paris coatless and tightless. I AM SO BORED of the cold. This is beyong a joke now.
    That said, I do like a chatter about the weather- I mentioned it to a Zimbabwean colleague and she said that she understood why it was such a topic of conversation because, in her words "the weather SO interesting here!" (and she wasn't being sarky) xx

    1. Will it ever be warm again Alice?!
      Your colleague is right though - it certainly is interesting. What other country do you get snow followed by a quick burst of sunshine 10 mins later?! x

  2. loving the pop of yellow in your outfit, really brightens it up :) <3