VIP dining at Vapiano


When my friend Harry tweeted me this pic a few weeks ago my reply was simple: Oh my days! Where are you?

Minutes later Harry had tweeted back: Vapiano! You just can't go wrong for £6.75… 

I could hardly believe it - £6.75! For that amazing pizza! I'd never heard of Vapiano but now it was on my must go to list so Harry and I arranged to meet at the Southwark restaurant a week later. 

As you walk into Vapiano you are handed a chip card and with this you go up to the counter to personally order your food and drinks. 

Of course I went for the pizza but the pastas and salads also looked amazing. We ordered two pepperoni pizzas and a bottle of Prosecco and were handed a buzzer. Harry explained that when it went off it meant our food was ready to pick up from the counter. 

The only way I can describe Vapiano is a bit like a fast food restaurant but for grown-ups. A VIP fast food restaurant. This is no McDonalds… 

It seemed like we'd only had a few sips of our drinks when the buzzer vibrated signalling our pizzas were ready. We were handed them by smiling chefs and they looked sensational and they tasted just as good as they looked. Harry and I ate them in record time - I only remembered to actually take a picture half way through. 

I've said it before but you know a chain restaurant is good when you have to be told it is a chain restaurant - I would never have guessed Vapiano. The service was exceptional and the food fresh  and tasty. The restaurant looks great and it's amazing value for money. I'll say it again - just £6.75 for a pizza! In central London. You can't go wrong.  

I may not have been to Vapiano before but I'll definitely be back. 

Vapiano's website and follow them on twitter @VapianoUK

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