Here comes the sun...


The sun is out. Spring looks like it finally might have sprung, the long dark winter that we suffered is finally over…

And I should be happy. However I'm not. I'm panicking. A lot. 

Yes, yes. I know I moaned about the lack of sunshine in this recent post but now it actually is warm I'm really not ready. 

Firstly, my skin is so pale I'm practically transparent. My legs especially are so white they may actually hurt your eyes if I go without the tights I've been wearing since October 1st. 

And when my housemate Rachael mentioned she was wearing her flip-flops the other day, fear ran through me. My feet are so not ready to be exposed to the outside world. It will take a chainsaw to hack at my toe-nails and a bucket full of moisturiser before I am sandal ready. Not to mention the fact that it looks like I haven't shaved my legs since last summer… 

I also tried on my favourite summer dress yesterday and it clung so tightly across my stomach that I looked at least four months pregnant. With twins. My love of pizzas and burgers is fine during the winter where  I can wear thick tights and baggy jumpers. But I'm sure now paying the price…

So while the sun is most welcome as it has been so long, it has also thrown me into a panic and made me book every pedicure/waxing/fake tan appointment going at the local beauty salon as well as jumping back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon for the millionth time. 

Anyone else with me in this summer preparation meltdown? 


  1. Haha, the terrifying translucent skin is my main source of panic now the sun's out! I swear I'm so pale, the glare from my legs should come with a health and safety warning!

    Caz x