12 books of Christmas - #1 I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk


The aim of December is to recommend 12 books to you that are fabulous to read at this time of year and will without of doubt get you in the festive mood. 

Ready for book recommendation number one? 

I heart Christmas by Lindsey Kelk.

It's not a secret that I am a big fan of Lindsey Kelk's I heart series. If you haven't read any, you should. They're bloody funny. 

Anyway, I was v excited to hear that Lindsey was writing I heart Christmas so the moment it landed in my hands I read it in one afternoon - and it didn't disappoint. 

Angela's back and can’t wait for Christmas in New York - her first as a wife. But before she can get involved in the seasonal cheer, she has a new job to deal with, a house move and her UK best friend, who is having marriage problems, turning up on her doorstep. To complicate things further, her US best friend wants to have a baby sans father and her parents invited themselves over for Christmas. Things aren’t going to be easy…. 

This book is hilarious from start to finish and made me desperate to see New York during wintertime! Go forth and read with a mince pie and a hot chocolate. Mine's with extra cream…. 

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