December Reading


My blog has been going for a year now - A YEAR! A whole year of you reading my ramblings and maybe (hopefully) taking a few of my book suggestions. 

So thank you for sticking with me and giving me a platform to write what I want. Every view is much appreciated!!

Anyway, on to my December read. After reading a lot of Christmassy books, I was desperate to read something non-Christmas related once the day had passed. So on Boxing Day I picked up Tanya Byrne's Follow Me Down - and read it in one sitting whilst eating cheese and biscuits and drinking Champagne. The best way ever to read a book...

In Follow Me Down we meet sixteen-year-old Adamma who has just started at an exclusive boarding school. There she becomes friends with beautiful Scarlett and the two become inseparable. But when then fall for the same guy, the pair stop speaking. Then Scarlett goes missing and big secrets that she was keeping begin to unravel. And one will change their lives for ever…

This book is dark - and utterly brilliant. Each chapter flips between before and after the big event (which I shall not spoil!) meaning every chapter you change your mind about what the outcome is going to be. You really are kept guessing until the very last pages…. 


  1. Like the look of this one very much, perfect post Chrimbo read.
    And happy blog birthday to you :o)
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Ooo this sounds really good, shall have to check it out :-) thanks!

  3. Sounds great. Searching for it on my Kindle as we speak..