Bloody Brilliant Blogs #6


Happy December! That came round quickly didn't it? 

We put out tree up today. Or trees I should say. Why have one when you can have two?

I love our trees but I REALLY love Kim's over at Lunacy of Ink's tree? ENVY. 

Food wise I've been mostly lusting after The Awkward Blog's lunch at Foxlow. I am a BIG fan of Hawksmoor so am desperate to try out the new place. The crispy five pepper squid looks amaze. It's no secret I'm a big fan of Honest burger though I'm yet to check out their latest branch in Camden even though it's just round the corner from my office. Cocktails and Caroline's post made me want to go ASAP! 

I identified with all 12 of Laura Haven's Signs You're a Bookworm, especially number five: 'When people proclaim proudly 'i don't read' a part of you dies. As does a small amount of your respect for them.' 

I also really enjoyed fellow bookworm The Cup and Saucer's A Devourer of Books post. I completely agree with her - I just don't understand people who don't read!! 

I loved Life Outside London's's blog post on having a date night with yourself - v important! And finally, Fashion Life London's Monday Motivation post was brilliant - especially this Champagne quote. I'm going to live by this rule! 

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