John Lewis saved Christmas....


Last weekend I wasn't thinking straight. I blame a hangover and little sleep for the decision I made. It was a stupid one and I quickly regretted what I did. In fact it still makes me feel faint and brings me out in a sweat… 

Ladies and gents, last weekend, the first in December, I decided it was a fabulous idea to head over to Westfield Stratford to 'have a browse' and 'pick up a few bits'. How ridiculous was I? 

Of course, the place was PACKED. And I mean you couldn't move or even walk round a shop properly. I had an argument outside Primark and cried in M&S because the two dine for £10 didn't have the right side dish I really wanted…. Don't judge. I told you I was tired and hungover, OK? 

Needless to say, I got nothing I needed to do done. I gained a few bruises but no actual Christmas shopping. Take this as a warning and don't go out there. 

Luckily John Lewis saved the day as I sought sanctuary in their coffee shop. As well as providing refuge they also provided a damn good scone.

Good old John Lewis. Not only did they help me out of my meltdown and make a bloody good advert, they also sent me a hamper of goodies to review.

I got cute chocolates and  coffee which shall be drank on Christmas morning.

I also got Champagne truffles that, er, have already been scoffed and were absolutely delicious. The bread dipping oils were pretty fabulous too.

Such a pretty little hamper and what a great gift! So instead of facing the crowds in Westfield again I shall be making my own John Lewis hampers from the comfort of my own sofa. Why the hell didn't I think of this before? And I'll be ordering myself  some Champagne too because, well, why wouldn't I?

So thank you John Lewis. You've saved my sanity - as well as Christmas.

* The hamper was sent to me for review but all words are my own, honest opinion. 

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